Dr. Sachin Coach

  • Doctorate in Experiential Training.
  • International Certified Trainer.
  • NLP practitioner.
  • Certified sub-conscious therapist.
  • Creator of "Secrets of CHAMPION mind".
  • Founder of SUPERBHUMANS

Soshina Coach

  • MSc. Counselling and Psyhotherapist.
  • NLP Practitioner.
  • Certified Hypnotherapist.
  • Teen Navigator
  • A Parenting Coach.

Abhay Coach

  • MBA in Finance.
  • International Certified Trainer.
  • Student Blog Specialist.
  • Life coach for School Students.
  • Passionate Life Skill & Personality Development
    Enhancer of students.

Vinita Coach

  • International Certified Trainer.
  • Loves to Work with Children.
  • Expert in Converting Subjects into Games.
  • Passionate Singer & Life Skill Trainer.
  • Life coach for School Students

Sukumar Coach

  • Love social work.
  • M.Sc Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • Govt. Of India Ayush Ministry certified yoga teacher.
  • Soft skills and life skills trainer.
  • Served the nation through the Vivekananda
    Kendra Kanyakumari.

Palani Natarajan

  • ARCHER WEBSOL DIRECTOR We are a team of web professional programer as well as designers together we have worked and created websites to suit every need.last 5 years we are now serving 350 plus clients

Sudha Coach

  • International certified trainer.
  • Aspiring trainer.
  • Love working with kids and teens.
  • National Athlete.
  • "Believing in yourself is the first secret to your success".

Thulasi Coach

  • International Certified Trainer.
  • NLP Practitioner.
  • Reiki Master Practitioner.
  • Teens Creative Educator.
  • Loves to work with Kids, Teens & Women.
  • Life is a Blessing - Lets Celebrate together

Rajeev Coach

  • Post Graduate in Computer Programming.
  • Quality Management Practitioner 30 yrs in System Automation & Implementation.
  • Transformation Leader.
  • Founder of Accuratest Specialist (IT consulting & Training Centre).

Nandhini Coach

  • International Certified Trainer
  • Passionate Blogger
  • Loves to EMPOWER Children & Women
  • Badminton Player

Dev Naresh

  • Member of Creative Team
  • Creative Video Editor
  • Passionate Artist
  • Professional Drummer.
  • Upcoming Mathematician

Naveen Kumar

  • Member of Creative Team
  • Aspiring Video Editor
  • Completed DyD Program
  • Loves to take short films


  • Member of Creative Team
  • Passionate Video Editor
  • Completed DyD Program
  • Good Team player


  • Member of Creative Digital Team
  • Passionate Video editor
  • Creative story writer
  • Aspiring Learner.


  • Member of Creative Digital Team
  • Creative Video editor
  • Loves animation
  • Effective team member

Prasanna Jerome

  • Member of Creative Digital Team
  • International certified trainer
  • Loves to take short films
  • Motivational speaker
  • Social worker


  • Member of Creative Digital Team
  • Loves animation
  • Upcoming video editor